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Interested in machine learning, big data analytics, Online Advertisements analytics, Probabilistic graphical models, predictive analytics, Game AI, Automated Learning, cryptography, authentication systems, ECC, pairing based cryptography, zero knowledge proofs, key generation and distribution, homomorphic encryption, blind signatures, anonymous credential systems, Pseudo Random Number Generators,randomized algorithms, stochastic optimization

Demand Forecasting – Online Advertisements

Objective: Given an ad campaign’s targeting constraints, ad slots, start date and end date we want to forecast the available inventory for that line item. If the ad slots in question are being targeted by other active campaigns during the concerned … Continue reading

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CTR Prediction System – Design Doc

The Anatomy Of Large Scale CTR* Prediction System * With little or no modifications the proposed system design and algorithms can be used for optimizing other metrics like Cost Per Viewable Completion, Cost Per Completion, Cost Per Engagement, Cost etc … Continue reading

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Of Bandits And Bidding

Real-time bidding(RTB) refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes a webpage to load. Those auctions are often facilitated by ad exchanges or supply side platforms(SSPs).  A RTB agent … Continue reading

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Proposal : An Integrated Zero Knowledge Authentication and Public key verification protocol using Gap Diffie Hellman Groups to counter MITM attack

Introduction : The basic idea behind the proposal is to integrate authentication and key distribution protocol. Immense work has been done to design a secure key distribution protocol starting with Needham Schroeder and evolving to OAKELEY, SKEME, IKE and ultimately … Continue reading

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Download paper : SAM5912 A NOVEL AND EFFICIENT ALGORITHM TO ENHANCE THE COMPLEXITY OF ELLIPTIC CURVE CRYPTOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION In 1976 Diffie and Hellman[7] introduced the concept of Public key cryptography. They revolutionized the world of cryptography by developing key exchange … Continue reading

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Patent application 2015/MUM/2011 : Securing Transactions Using Secure Multi-factor Authentication And Synchronized Symmetric Key Generation

Patent documents are enlisted below : IP Docket dated 18 July 2011 PCT – Introduction and Filing PCT- List of Member Countries Prov_IN_Drawings Prov_IN_Filing_receipt Prov_IN_Specification Security system for secure authentication, key generation, key distribution and session maintenance to prevent active/passive … Continue reading

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